Eagle Insurance Brokers is an insurance brokerage established in 1987 and now have offices in Byron Bay, Ballina, Port Macquarie and Kempsey and authorised representatives in Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin.

Managing director, David Bailey has a long history in general insurance and broking. Significantly our staff have more than 400 years of combined experience, connections and wisdom.

There are five important areas where Eagle Insurance Brokers can make a real difference to how insurance works for you:

Price – We offer the best quality at the lowest price available at the time.
Product – We find the best option available from throughout the market for any particular insurance product.
Service – Our on-going service is just as important as our initial service.
Relationship – We don’t think of our clients as ‘transactions’, we provide high value, personalised service to meet their specific requirements.
Efficiency – We deliver the most efficient service without fail.

How your Eagle Insurance broker works for you

A broker gives advice about issues which could have an enormous effect on you which is why they come under a very strict code of conduct and professional standards.

  1. On contacting Eagle, you will be quickly referred to one of our brokers specialising in the type of insurance you are seeking.
  2. Over phone or by email, your broker will identify what particular policy requirements you have and will explain options to you.
  3. Your broker will then submit your insurance request ‘to the market’. The ‘market’ is the insurance companies, or underwriters, who Eagle deal with. Eagle have access to more than 120 companies in Australia and internationally including Lloyds of London. The choice of underwriter approached by us varies, and is determined by what type of risks you wish to insure against.
  4. Your broker will then review the premiums, terms and conditions from the different insurers we have approached. Your broker will get back to you providing and explaining choices in a clear way and answering any of your questions.
  5. If you need to make a claim, we’re here for you. Your broker will refer you to our claims specialist who will gather appropriate details from you and submit your claim to the insurer on your behalf. We will make all the phone calls and follow up, providing instructions on what to do next.